Repairing your PC back to life...

Welcome to PC Healer, in today’s modern age we rely on are technology more than ever..

Here at PC Healer we recognise that and offer a wide range of PC, iPhone & Mac software Repair Services to get you back up and running as soon as possible. We offer No Fix No Fee (diagnostics charge may apply).
We support any application or Windows, MacOS or IOS issue! So if you are getting a strange error message or popup let us know. 
We can also do basic hardware repairs on Laptops, so maybe you have broken the screen or need to upgrade the memory to make it run faster.

We now can repair any iPhone, so again if you have smashed the screen or need a new battery or have a faulty charging port we can help. 

Sadly we can't fix the rear glass on an iPhone (as that requires a laser machine costing thousands of pounds). Neither can we fix water damaged computers as this requires advanced tools and experience.
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Paul Sheraton the owner has over 20 years experience in IT Support working from some of the worlds largest companies including Mclaren & Kronos Systems LTD.